Inkless Scar Revision

Inkless scar revision is a method of revising scars with a vitamin serum prior to, or in place of, camouflage tattooing. The vitamin serum is absorbed by the skin after needling with a rotary tattoo machine. Combined with needling the serum uses the body’s natural healing response to improve the appearance of the scar. In some cases there was a 50% increase in appearance after the 1st treatment.

Before Treatment: There is very little you need to do, Though I do ask that you come in lose fitting clothes since that area will be tender. You will also need to stop any blood thinners (aspirin, fish oil exc.) 3 days before.

During Treatment: Because I use a tattoo machine I will apply numbing cream before we start. Though this treatment is not to painful I want my clients to be as comfortable as they can be. Throughout the treatment I will be applying a serum that will help renew and regenerate old skin cells. That means over the 6 week healing phase you will see improvement in the color, texture, and size of your scar.

After Treatment: Except to feel a little sore and tender in that area for the rest of the day. It will be red but that will subside in 1-4 weeks. You will need to apply a few post care creams morning and night for 4 weeks after your treatment. 2-4 treatments could be needed to reach your desired results.

Please reach out to me for more information or to set up your consultation. Let me help you feel like YOU again!